is a sophisticated transactional real-time multi-level AI system that combines solutions ranging from visualization and statistical trend analytics to pattern, anomaly, profile, and behavior deviation recognition using expert and machine learning artificial intelligence. People are your enterprise’s biggest asset. uses its open, comprehensive API to support virtually unlimited data sources to empower your people.

Over the last 10 years the amount of data and data sources within your enterprise have grown exponentially. provides a powerful way to access, connect and maximize the value of your enterprise data. Simply put, we give your people and your data a voice. Right data combined with your people’s insights and actions, empowering people to meet and exceed their goals and aspirations. We bring our people and ’s unique, proven technology to simplify and resolve complex technical and operational challenges.

In popular culture, the prevailing concept of "artificial intelligence" and "machine intelligence" refers to a manufactured being that acts, talks, thinks like and mimics a human. Science fiction, much of it wonderfully written, is full of such AI “beings”. Fortunately, sci-fi is not the exclusive domain of AI capability. One of the most influential pioneers of Computer Science, Alan Turing, pondered whether human-made equipment could possess intelligence, could think, or could feel. His proposition, published in 1950, was that if a computer system could communicate with human beings so well, that a human would think that they were talking to another human, then one would have to say that such a system exhibited an intelligent trait.

The AI evolution delivered

is a transactional multi-layer artificial intelligence solution. It is a culmination of decades of technological progress in the field of artificial intelligence. That evolution did not follow a straight line, but was a development of different dimensions in this fascinating field. layers the best of those AI developments into a comprehensive, ground breaking system. When it comes to solving business problems, one size does not fit all. Some problems can be solved by simply presenting raw data in a helpful and meaningful format, so that a human analyst can see the answer by just looking at it. Other problems can be solved with the help of classical statistical analysis, which includes trends, summaries, averages, etc. If the patterns of discovery can be defined, then the expert system approach has proven itself as the fastest and most reliable way to recognize conditions. In addition to speed and reliability, the fact that the rules that were used for the solution are understandable provides a level of communication not available with neural nets. A machine-learning layer is often effective on top of expert systems, to mimic a user's natural ability to distinguish between true positive and false positive results produced by the expert system layer. Higher layers of the system add the ability to discover and detect behavior and profile deviations, and not yet described conditions.

Experience has shown that real-life problems are best solved by judicial combination of several types of AI with tools that enhance the abilities of human beings to think and act. solutions use expert systems for their speed; artificial neural nets for their machine learning abilities; model management tools for model evolution. also adds extensive data visualization and informative alerting, so that human beings can do their jobs and make informed decisions effectively. effectively combines artificial and natural intelligence: it values the abilities of human experts, who were the inspiration for expert systems; it values the ability of people's brains to recognize situations when they see them, which was the inspiration for artificial neural nets.